It’s all about the stuff

pregnantWhen I first found out I was pregnant almost sixteen months ago I was instantly overwhelmed by the massive amounts of mommy gear out there. There were two big issues I had and I recently found a solution for both of them.

The first. Keeping it simple.

Although I made a vow right away that I would only buy the things we truly “needed,” some of them I didn’t know I didn’t need till after I purchased them. Fortunately I have been able to give most of those things away to mamas who have been able to put them to good uses. But it would have been nice to avoid the unnecessary purchases.

The Second. Opinion Overload

I think the part that made it most overwhelming was the in your face opinions I received from everyone else. I can’t nage on this to much because I am just as guilty as the next mama of over sharing my opinion on what worked and what didn’t work. I feel like the need to share our experiences as mom is in our DNA. We can’t help it. We know how overwhelming it is to be on the other end of things but we don’t care.

The Solution. weeSpring

The best way to describe weeSpring is to think of it as the Yelp of baby goods. It’s a place where I could voice my opinion about products to those who really cared while seeing what others think about products I really wasn’t sure if I needed or not.

I encourage you check it out and friend me I would love to see what you have to say about the product you use.

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